Warning Signs Your Building’s Air Ducts May Need Cleaning

Warning Signs Your Building’s Air Ducts May Need Cleaning

The daily cleaning crew consistently leaves the building in stellar condition. However, if you’re spotting dust build-up on desks or conference tables by midday, the culprit might be your facility’s air ducts.  

Air ducts act like the building’s veins, circulating and purging air. They control air supply, return, and exhaust, crucial for maintaining indoor air quality and thermal comfort. Ever wondered what lurks in these ducts?  

Jeff Bryant, Director of National Accounts at Pacific Duct Cleaning, sheds light on this essential maintenance:  

Q: Do facility owners forget about air duct cleaning? A: Absolutely. It’s easy to overlook what’s out of sight. Typically, calls come in when visible dust gathers around HVAC registers or when particles blow out of the system, causing odors and discomfort for occupants.  

Q: Can you estimate how long it’s been since cleaning? A: Not precisely. It varies based on the environment and HVAC maintenance. We inspect the ductwork visually and look for debris build-up or other signs, like particles landing on furniture, indicating a cleaning need.  

Q: Why is cleaning air ducts crucial for commercial spaces? A: It significantly improves indoor air quality, reducing dust, debris, and HVAC-generated odors. Cleaning also enhances the appearance of areas around register covers.  

Q: How often should ducts be cleaned? A: It varies. Annual inspections of air handler units are vital, with some HVAC systems needing yearly cleaning, especially in places like medical facilities. Offices typically require cleaning every three to five years. NADCA offers more detailed recommendations.  

Q: Does the cleaning process differ for each building? A: Yes, every project is unique. The NADCA standard involves negative air pressure and source removal techniques. The specifics vary based on the building and its HVAC system. Cleaning durations range from a day to weeks for large commercial spaces.  

Q: Does cleaning cause disruptions or mess? A: Yes, it’s noisy and often done after business hours. The system needs shut down, and equipment and hoses are used, affecting regular operations.  

Q: What are the main signs it’s time for cleaning? A: Dust around HVAC registers, dirty register covers, stronger odors during HVAC operation, and complaints of health issues among office occupants are strong indicators.  

To schedule professional duct cleaning, reach out to Pacific. They offer a range of solutions and can provide a free quote for your facility’s needs. 

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